High-quality and timely products from PNZ GmbH support optimal work by every professional user.

The products can be handled easily and quickly, and deliver an outstanding result that impresses the end customer.

Sustainable and long-lasting results combine with a well thought-out care concept for the most diverse areas of application to yield customer-pleasing solutions. Happy customers are repeat customers.

Supporting documentation and certifications regarding the harmlessness and quality of products from PNZ GmbH make it easier for an artisan's shop to convince customers to purchase a package of services.

With respect to workplace safety and storage, the fact that products from PNZ GmbH do not need to be labeled as hazardous substances makes life much less complicated for the professional, while meeting all legal and regulatory requirements.

Dr. Marcel Pietsch
Business Manager
+49 (0)8465-17380

Dr. Holger Reimann
Laboratory Manager
+49 (0)8465-17380