Core Values Statement

As one of the few remaining natural materials, it is not possible to imagine life without wood. However, precisely because every wood product is a little piece of Nature, it requires a special – and above all an especially natural – treatment that will enable it to resist external stress. 

As one of Europe's leading manufacturers of ecological wood finishing products, we have developed various protection and care systems for the most diverse woods.

As many-sided as Nature. Only the best is good enough for wood. The guarantee for the high quality of our products is the first-class quality of their natural ingredients. Because every wood product, every area of application, and every process is unique, the formulas on which our products are based are likewise unique. 

Protecting both the end user and the environment are as near to our heart as is maximum safety of use. Nature is our model. All PNZ products are manufactured with the least possible waste of resources from high-quality, renewable natural raw materials, such as beeswax and vegetable waxes and oils from monitored crops. None of our formulas use any carcinogenic or toxic VOC-containing solvents whatsoever.

For us, as a medium-sized family business that is independent of any larger corporate group, this witness in favor of sustainability is not some program that was designed by a marketing agency. Neither is it a strategy that was decided from on high by a distant corporate hierarchy. For us, sustainability reflects the personal conviction of all of PNZ's employees, who take their responsibility for the living space of future generations very seriously.

The rigorous requirements of the "pragmatic ecology" that we practice must be met by all of our products. This means that the products must be harmless to humans, to animals, and to the environment during all stages of manufacturing, processing, and use. 

Naturally this did not happen overnight, but rather in the context of a targeted development towards our current business structure. 

Ecological development of PNZ Produkte GmbH

1986 Complete abandonment of health-damaging aromatic solvents in all of our products, and conversion to dearomatized hydrocarbons.

1990 Development of an ammonia free wax stain.

1992 Commissioning of the cooling water circuit for our melting pots, in order to conserve drinking water.

1993 Refurbishment of the heating plant with the most modern control equipment technology. Reduction of heating oil consumption by 20%.

Since 1994, continual development and release to market of solvent free products, such as:

  • PNZ Wood Varnish
  • PNZ Impregnating Primer W210
  • PNZ Wood Wax W
  • PNZ Repair Paste
  • PNZ Wood Oil
  • PNZ cleaning products
  • PNZ care products
  • PNZ garden timber care program

Decision in favor of participating in the European Community's eco-audit.

1999 Development of ultra-high-solid products (solvent free)

2004 Structural modernization, addition of wall insulation for the conservation of heating energy

2005 Conversion to modern filling technology makes possible resource-conserving filling of our products.

2009 Certification according to ISO 9001 and 14001, fundamental business principles for quality management and environmental management.

2010 Certification of all floor oils as low-emissions products according to AgBB. Granting of the regulatory approval by the DIBt, with respect to construction supervision, for all floor oils.

2011 Development, regulatory approval, and establishment of a new VOC free / low VOC product group of floor oils in PNZ's product line.

2012 Launch of the new PNZ homepage in an attractive design with greater informational value for end users.