Quality and quality management are an integral component of PNZ's corporate culture.

The introduction of quality management in accordance with ISO 9001 ensures the company's place in the marketplace, and provides for further improvements. It strengthens our connection to our trading partners, and permanently improves the quality of our products. The principles of the ISO 9001 standard are built into all areas of the company, and help to further develop PNZ GmbH as a whole.

Naturally our employees are the irreplaceable support for the further development of PNZ. Thus the further development of PNZ can only succeed with the help and support of all personnel. Therefore the engagement of each employee is essential to implementing the DIN ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. Achieving the targets that have been set can only be ensured through a high degree of identification with the company and its quality and environmental goals, and through a high degree of personal accountability and motivation.

PNZ-Produkte GmbH is a medium-sized, proprietor-managed enterprise, whose associates and business managers see themselves as personally obligated by the goals and values of the quality and environmental management system. In the implementation of the standards and goals that are developed in the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, the business management of PNZ-Produkte GmbH is continually working towards preserving and further developing the enterprise. The success of this process is regularly reviewed and optimized using clearly defined performance metrics.

Keeping the Environment in View throughout the Entire Product Lifecycle (Product Lifecycle Management)

PNZ-Produkte GmbH is aware of the fact that it has an influence on its environment in many ways.

Respect and consideration for the environment are central elements in our company's philosophy. Consequently we strive every day to keep the impact on the environment as small as possible, and to closely comply with all of the formalities and guidelines which help make that possible.

However, our concern does not begin only with the customer, or end when the product leaves our premises.

We accept responsibility right from the start: in the development of new products, and in procuring raw materials. In manufacturing and shipping, and in the application and use of surfaces treated with our products, we always pay particular attention to environmental compatibility. <//a>

To the extent technically feasible, we seek to combine the environmental compatibility of our products with a high level of quality for the user.

In terms of environmental protection, we are constantly optimizing those parameters which we can directly control at our company's facility.

Our efforts are monitored externally by TÜV Süd, and documented by our environmental management system according to ISO 14001.