PNZ's headquarters lies in Kipfenberg, Germany, the geographic heart of Bavaria. The firm is located in the center of town, surrounded by residences and other businesses. The Birtktal brook flows through it, and joins the Altmühl river just 300 meters downstream. The Altmühl river valley is a nature preserve, through which Europe's famous Danube Bike Trail runs (here). It also serves as a local recreation area for the cities of Munich and Nuremberg. This breathtakingly beautiful landscape, which is our home and our children's home, must naturally be protected with the utmost care in the manufacturing and finishing process.

PNZ-Produkte GmbH
Eichstätter Straße 2–4a
85110 Kipfenberg

Phone +49 8465 17380
Fax +49 8465 3616